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PADI Specialty Courses will add to your knowledge and confidence in specific areas of diving. With these courses added to your other training courses you can feel justified in calling yourself a proficient diver. Courses range from Night Diving to an introduction of Nitrox Diving, Underwater Naturalist to Wreck Diving. These courses can give you specialist knowledge of the area of diving. Everyone is asked to complete a day's diving prior to starting the course, to check weights, buoyancy and equipment. All our speciality courses will vary in duration and prices please go to ourprice list.

We can take you all the way through your diving courses and give you a great holiday as well. You are welcome to contact us first at info@millennium-divers.com. We will give you all the hard facts and information you need to make an informed decision.

  • Deep Diving Specialty
Learn how to plan deep dives with confidence and most of all safety. You will learn about special you need to considerations of nitrogen narcosis and what to do in an emergency. Often you will find that a dive exceeds 18 meters in some areas of your plan so it is a good and sensible idea to complete this course. The deep diving specialty is ideal preparation for canyons which can exceed normal limits and wreck diving such as SS Thistlegorm. This is in fact a very useful as any dive below 18 meters is considered a deep dive.
  • Night Diving Specialty
A great way to experience underwater marine life at nightlife in this course you will cover techniques for communication and navigation in low visibility. Additionally you will learn the special procedures necessary for planning and running night dives.
  • Drift Diving Specialty
Many of the dives in the Red Sea are drift dives. These types of dives require slightly different approach from mooring dives. A drift dive specialty will give you a greater comprehension of these procedures, and an understanding of currents, tides and weather to help you plan your dives more effectively.
  • Underwater Naturalist Specialty
This is a course designed twill to give divers an insight of the environment they are diving in. You will learn about the marine ecosystem, the life cycle of the coral reef, and discover relationships between the different creatures that you never knew existed. The underwater naturalist specialty will give you a new point of view and increase your appreciation of the underwater environment.
  • Enriched Air/Nitrox Specialty
With enriched air/nitrox you can dive more safely and for longer since your body absorbs less nitrogen than when diving with air. The course takes 1 day, and can be done on the dive boat. You will learn how to plan dives, analyse the oxygen content of your tank, complete a fill log and rent nitrox tanks. You will make two dives using nitrox. Nitrox dives are an optional extra (a supplement applies). Your Specialty certification allows you to dive with nitrox worldwide. The minimum age is 15 years old.
  • Digital Underwater Photography / Video Specialty
This course enables you to get good underwater photos and videos. We will teach you better techniques on your buoyancy giving you a steady hand. You will learn how to take full advantage of digital technology to capture the underwater world with your camera and computer. The course takes 1 day, with two dives. It covers cameras and housings, underwater photography and video techniques, and making the most of your pictures on a computer.

In addition to these courses:

• Equipment Specialist
• Fish Identification
• Multilevel and Computer Diver
• Peak Performance Buoyancy
• Project AWARE
• Search & Recovery
• Underwater Navigator
• Boat Diver
• Semi Closed Rebreather
• Dry Suit Diver
• Wreck Diver

Requirements for speciality course:

• All divers must be a minimum age of 10 years old.
• PADI requests you have a signed a Medical Certificate.
• You must already be a PADI Open Water Diver (or equivalent).

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