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“ It was so much fun. We didn’t stop! It was my first time diving, but I was fine with our fantastic instructor. I would recommend them to anyone ”

There is a first time for everything. It is not as difficult as you think. Many people of all varying ages start to learn to dive. The Red Sea couldn’t be a better place to start Scuba Diving. The water is incredibly warm and clear. Very quickly you will be able to glide over the vibrant colours of the coral reef and meet the fish. We at Millennium take courses at the pace of our learners. We also understand that some people need to take their time to adjust to breathing underwater along with learning underwater skills. All our instructors are mature individuals who will be encouraging knowledgeable. You will begin to feel safe, confident and satisfied that you have mastered the art of Scuba Diving.

We can take you all the way through your diving courses and give you a great holiday as well. You are welcome to contact us first at info@millennium-divers.com. We will give you all the hard facts and information you need to make an informed decision. Click on the links of the courses open to you.

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